TAIGTurn 3019Man with ER 16 Headstock


This manual ER16 TAIG Turn Lathe has 1/2″-20 lead screws is factory assembled, wired up, and ready to go. It has a 1/4 hp spindle motor and comes with an ER16 spindle Headstock and 2 adjustable Tool Posts



Height 14″
Width 24″
Depth 31″
Weight 80 lbs (with ER Headstock)
Maximum spindle runout 0.0002 in. (ER16)
X axis dovetails 45 deg.
Z axis dovetails 90 deg.
Lead screws are 1/2″-20 on X & Z
All lead screw drives have friction adjustable micrometer dials in .001 inch increments
Pulley type std. 5/8 in. bore multi-step belt (ER).
Construction – Steel, hard anodized aluminum on all moving components, adjustable brass gibs, and precision ground steel ways hand lapped for long life and accuracy.


Travel in X axis 12 in. (lead screw)
Travel in Z axis 6 in.
Max Rapid travel per axis 75 in/min (lead screw)
Table dimensions 3 1/2 x 18.4 inches
4 spindle speeds 435-1800 RPM


Spindle Runout less than .0002
Sealed precision ball bearing
Bearing OD 1.5748 in., ID 0.6692 in.
Spindle nose 22mm X 1.5mm
Spindle hole 0.406 in.
Spindle ID taper 8 deg (16 deg included)
Max. collet diameter 3/8 in.
Pulley size 5/8 in. bore.
Ball Bearings in all lead screw bearing blocks

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