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BallScrews are now available on the 2019CR (#5019CR) and the 2027CNC (#5027ER)

X-Axis Hard Anodized Table with tapered Gib and Y-axis with square Steel ways

Hardened ER16 Spindle in Mill Head for superior accuracy

Z-Axis Slide with tapered Gib and Steel Box Ways

The Micro Mill is a very rigid and precise machine that uses some of the most advanced techniques compared to its competitors. The Y-axis and Z-axis are supported on 2 1/2 inch square steel tubing to provide a very solid feel. The leadscrews are all 1/2-20 unlike a lot of machines of similar size that use 1/4 inch leadscrews. TAIG prefers to provide added mechanical features to allow the mill to be more useful without raising the price. Being an aerospace manufacturer for over 18 years our machinists know the importance of table back-lash compensation and full gib adjustments for wear as employed in the manufacture of the Micro Mill. Basically, the Micro Mill was designed by machinists and built by machinists. Overall working accuracy should exceed .0005 in. All machines are sold with a 14 day refund and a full 2 year factory warranty on all Mill components and accessories.

The Micro Mill has effortless, chatterless, table and millhead movement due to the unique design of oversized gibs, ground 'Y' axis steel ways, and a massive carriage assembly. The ground steel ways on the vertical mill head support provides a very rigid Z-axis and makes the Micro Mill ready for CNC upgrade if you desire. Our small Mill is really a scaled down version of a big Mill with manual operation.

This is the machine you don't have to baby. The Micro Mill is a rugged precision instrument that has plenty of rigidity. It has a life-time ball bearing spindle, coupled with a six speed positive vee belt drive. Spindle speeds in geometric progression from 525-5200 RPM (CR version 1000 - 10000 rpm) provide the power to "HOG" 1/8 inch cuts in mild steel or the speed and precision to "dust" a few tenths (compare that to other mills of similar size on the market, you can't!).

Other big Mill features include large .001 inch graduations on friction adjustable micrometer dials for the X,Y,& Z axis. Adjustable gibs provide full compensation for X,Y & Z axis wear. The spindle head column can rotate from 0 to 180 degrees to provide for special machining tasks. All this adds up to a BEST VALUE in small Mills.

Should there be any questions regarding specific uses of the Micro Mill please feel free to call, write, email, or visit our facility.

Micro Mill shown with Vise and Upgraded Motor(way-covers included but not shown) Computer Ready (CR) Micro Mill



  • Height 21-3/8 in (manual) 26-3/8 in (CNC)
  • Width 17 in (manual) 22 in (CNC)
  • Depth 16-3/4 in (manual) 21 in (CNC)
  • Weight 65 lbs (manual) 85 lbs (CNC)
  • Maximum bearing runout 0.0004 in.
  • X axis dovetails 45 deg.
  • Y axis dovetails 90 deg.
  • Z axis steel box ways
  • 1/2"-20 leadscrews on X,Y,& Z
  • All lead screw drives have friction adjustable micrometer dials in .001 inch increments
  • Pulley type std. 5/8 in. bore multi-step vee belt.
  • Construction - Steel, hard anodized aluminum on all moving components, adjustable brass gibs, and precision ground steel ways hand lapped for long life and accuracy.


  • Travel in X axis 9.5 in. (Model 2018)
  • Travel in X axis 12 in. (Model 2019)
  • Travel in Y axis 5.5 in
  • Travel in Z axis 6.0 in
  • Table dimensions 3 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches (Model 2018)
  • Table dimensions 3 1/2 x 18.4 inches (Model 2019)
  • Maximum Z-distance to table 9.0 in
  • Z-Axis swivel 90 degrees
  • 6 spindle speeds 525-5200 RPM
  • 6 spindle speeds 1000-10000 RPM (CR mill)
  • Z axis column rotation up to 180 degrees
  • Spindle head rotation 90 degrees


  • Spindle Runout less than .0003
  • Max spindle speed 10000 RPM
  • Sealed precision ball bearing
  • Bearing OD 1.5748 in., ID 0.6692 in.
  • Spindle nose 22mm X 1.5mm
  • Spindle hole 0.406 in.
    • Spindle ID taper 8 deg (16 deg included)
    • Max. collet diameter 3/8 in.
    • Pulley size 5/8 in. bore.
    • Ball Bearings in all leadscrew bearing blocks

    MANUAL MILL PRICES ( Does not include shipping, see below)

    2018ER Micro Mill factory assembled (3 1/2 x 15 3/4 inch table and 9 inches of travel in 'X' wired up and ready to go, way covers not shown). $835.40
    2019ER Micro Mill factory assembled (3 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch table and 12 inches of travel in 'X') $970.00
    2018-XY Stage 2018XY Manual with Hand Cranks $455.75
    2019-XY Stage 2019XY Manual with Hank Cranks $544.35
    NOTE UPGRADE ANY of the above MANUAL MILLS with a 1/4 hp, continuous duty, 3400 rpm motor. This motor is SUPERIOR to the normal motor and is on all the CNC mills (Motors shown in above pictures): $125.00
    VC-ER Vise, 2.125" opening, 2.00" wide for ER 16 Mill with 3/16" & 3/8" ER16 collets add 35.00

    Manual Mill Upgrades

    2018CR-ER 2018 converted to CNC ready with Nema 23 motor mounts, adjustable bronze leadscrew nuts, and upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system. $1125.00
    2019CR-ER 2019 converted to CNC ready with Nema 23 motor mounts, adjustable bronze leadscrew nuts, and upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system. $1211.00
    5019CR-ER Micro Mill with BallScrews on each axis and converted to CNC ready with Nema 23 motor mounts, and upgraded 1/4 horse power motor . Does not include stepper motors or control system. $1850.00
    5027ER CNC Micro Mill with BallScrews on each axis with Nema 23 motor mounts, stepper motors , control system. and MACH3 software. $2995.00
    2018CR-XY Stage 2018XY axis with Nema 23 motor mounts $536.75
    2019CR-XY Stage 2019XY axis with Nema 23 motor mounts $598.50
    5019CR-XY Stage Complete 5019XY axis with BallScrews and Nema 23 motor mounts $1025.00
    5019RETRO Upgrade your mill with Ball screws on each axis. Just send in your complete XY portion of your mill and the Z-axis Blue column with the steel plates and we will send you back a brand new XY stage with ball screws and a new Z-axis. We will use your existing Z-axis column and steel plates. You keep your headstock, motor and stepper motor couplers $1000.00
    5019Kit Upgrade your mill with Ball screws on each axis. We will send you a brand new XY stage with ball screws and a new Z-axis Main Body with a Ball screw. You use your existing Z-axis column and steel plates. You keep your headstock, motor and stepper motor couplers $1400.00

    Shipping and Insurance costs

    East Coast --------$110.00
    Midwest ----------- $95.00
    Northwest --------- $80.00
    West Coast -------- $70.00

    Check Out Our Complete Line of
    Accessories !

    Micro Mill Parts Diagram

    Micro Mill Parts Pricelist

    Part #



    Part #



    200-10 42.00     Square Tubing Base 200-35 70.00     X-Axis Table (2018)
    200-15 52.50     Y-Axis Extrusion 200-35L 135.00     X-Axis Table (2019)
    200-16 12.00     Square Steel Ways (2req) 200-36 3.25     X,Y End Plate (2 req)
    200-20 130.00     Y-Axis Saddle with Steel Ways on top 200-40 68.00     Z-Axis Steel Tubing Column
    200-21 20.00     X-Axis Tapered Gib 200-41 15.00     Z-Axis End Plate
    200-22A 18.75     Y-Axis CNC Leadscrew Nut (LH) 200-42 15.00     Z-Axis 3" Steel Box Way
        200-43 16.00     Z-Axis 1 1/4" Steel Box Way
    200-23A 18.75     X-Axis CNC Leadscrew Nut (RH) 200-44 84.00     Z-Axis Main Body
    200-25 24.00     Y-Axis Leadscrew (LH) 200-48 6.00     Headstock Mounting Plate
    200-25A 25.00     Z-Axis Leadscrew (LH) 200-50 12.00     Spindle Motor Mounting Plate
    200-26 26.00     X-Axis Leadscrew (RH) 2018 200-51 7.00     Spindle Motor Mounting Post
    200-26A 27.00     X-Axis Leadscrew (RH) 2019 200-55 30.00     Spindle Motor (1/5 hp, 1750 rpm)
    200-27 5.00     Dial (3 req) 200-55CR 175.00     Spindle Motor (1/4 hp,3400 rpm,Cont.Duty)
    200-28 2.00     Dial Sleeve 200-57 7.00     Threaded Rod Draw Bar
    200-30 6.25     Dial Handcrank 200-60 124.50     ER Spindle Headstock
    200-31 .75     Dial Handle 200-61 29.55     Pulley Set (3/8 , 5/8 & belt)
    200-32 .25     Dial Keyway 200-76 13.00     Bearing Block
    200-70 11.00     Stepper Motor Mount Tube 200-71 2.00     Motor Tube Ring
    200-72 5.00     Stepper Motor Mounting Plate 200-74A 6.50     Leadscrew coupler
    200-74B 12.00     Stepper Motor Coupler
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